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Top 10 Best US Universities and Colleges


Top 10 Best US Universities and Colleges: The US is recognized for its quality education and world-class universities in the middle of international students, particularly those belonging to developing countries. Amidst so a lot of good US universities and colleges, From time to time it becomes difficult for international students to place which ones are the best exclusive of some names that are world famed. To get the exact list of such colleges it is important to go after a reliable survey and data source so that we be able to present you with colleges that be given the maximum number of applications as of students.


According to U.S. News, they contain short listed some of the important and famous colleges so as to be given the maximum number of applications each year. This inventory would assist the students and parents to place best US universities intended for undergraduate or graduate programs so as to have a fineness in their area. Underneath is the list of US universities in chance order.

Most excellent Universities in the USA

  1. University of California- Los Angeles

This university receives additional than 87,000 applications each year from crossways the globe. It is a public organization founded in the year 1919. It has a campus size of 419 acres plus total scholar enrollment of 29,633. It is commonly known as UCLA and it gives the ability to students to join 900+ student organizations inside the campus. The school maintains 17:1 ratio of student and sense that denotes so as to class has less than 20 students, therefore, personal attention is given. At UCLA majors are clever to be done in subjects like Social sciences, English language, Psychology, Literature/letters, and History. Student approval rate was on purpose 96.5 percent.

  1. University of California- Berkeley

This university is a community institution founded inside the year 1868. The campus size is 1,232 acres with an undergraduate staffing of 27,126. University of California- Berkeley has a conventional ranking in 2016’s version of Best Colleges in the US.  The majority famous majors at the university comprise Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Social Sciences, Natural capital and Conservation, Engineering, English Language, and Literature. The student- faculty ratio in classes is 17:1.

  1. University of California- San Diego

Commonly known as UCSD, the university that was founded in 1960 comprise of 6 sole undergraduate colleges contribution modified education opportunities to students. They take delivery of more than 45,000 freshman application of aspiring students each year. Popular main courses include Psychology, Biology, Economics, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Computer Engineering.

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