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Top 7 Best US Universities and Colleges

Top 7 Best US Universities and Colleges
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Top 7 Best US Universities and Colleges: University of California- Santa Barbara


University of California- Santa Barbara

UCSB founded in 1909 offers elevated quality higher education at together undergraduate and graduate levels. They give innovative advancement in basic and applied research programs. Accepted majors at UCSB consist of Journalism, Social Sciences, Psychology, Visual and Performing Arts, message and connected programs, Biological and Biomedical Sciences.

University of California-Irvine

The suburban location of the university is increasing in campus size of 1,474 acres. Founded in 1965 it is ranked in the middle of the best national universities in the US.  Next, to the University of California-Irvine, most accepted majors comprise Political Science and Government, Public Health, Biology/Biological Sciences, Social Psychology and Business/Managerial Economics.

 University of California-Davis

The university laid its base in 1905 with campus size of 5,300 acres. It is a most important college for the interdisciplinary problem-solving campus by means of 4 colleges and 5 professional schools contribution 100+ academic majors and 86 graduate programs.

San Diego State University

A suburban location in 283 acres of land is found in 1897. The university offers Bachelor’s degree programs in 92 areas, Master’s degree program in 79 areas and doctorates in 23 areas. Their major strength is variety and excellence in what they do.

California State University-Long Beach

Founded in the year 1949 the University receives additional than 31,523 undergraduate enrollments. The campus size is 324 acres. It is single of the topmost universities in the US.

 Boston University

The location of the college is urban, a private association founded in 1839 with campus size of 135 acres. They have16 schools and colleges in their campus, some are extremely ranked expert schools of law, medicine, communication, engineering, and business.

University of Southern California

It is a confidential institution founded in 1880. The location is urban and campus size 226 acres. The total figure of undergraduate staffing is 18,740. They employ a semester-based academic calendar. The university offers bachelor’s degrees in 162 majors and a great deal more.

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