BestEduSystem Privacy Policy

This Privacy Statement applies to, and all additional web sites, apps and online services provided by or on top of behalf of BestEduSystem that link to this Privacy Statement (the “BestEduSystem Services”). We contain provided below a summary of the significant features of our privacy policy. Read our whole privacy policy for complete facts, and read our Kids Privacy Policy for detailed information about our compliance by means of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection do something and how we defend the privacy of information concerning kids. We as well encourage you to appraisal the Terms and Conditions of make use of for the BestEduSystem Services.

The BestEduSystem Services present features and content for together parents, teachers, teens and children, and we might collect information in a different way for each. We usually collect information from parents, teens, and teachers consequently that we may communicate straight with them about BestEduSystem and the BestEduSystem Services, counting physical address, email and additional personal information. We usually do not collect personal information as of children, and let them register with us by means of non-personal information so that we might store their preferences, such as artwork preferences, what time by our Services.